National Youth Cricket League

National Youth Cricket League National Youth Cricket League (NYCL), vision is to create a forum which shares knowledge, information to all those associated with youth cricket and create opportunities for kids across various age group and locations play the game with a wider audience. This is not an effort to create a rebel group or to compete with any organization.

Today youth cricket is spread across country and get very minimal information sharing or opportunities to play beyond their club games or regional clubs. Our goal is to start with a national level tournament so kids have a event to look forward to and compete against variety of skills across the country. Getting a opportunity to see the talent across country and where they stand individually will help this kids immensely in improving their own game.

NYCL will further plan and create a lot more regular and structured initiatives for kids across country so that they can develop into professionals who can represent USA cricket when opportunity arrives.


National Youth Cricket League (NYCL)

The National Youth Cricket League (NYCL), which started as a dialog between youth organizations late last year has transformed into a national youth movement and now has 21 youth programs from across USA that are participating.


A spontaneous and one-off discussion quickly gathered momentum in December catalyzing youth academies and cricket programs from across USA to come together, exchange ideas and create a tournament plan for representative youth cricket.


NYCL Tournament 2015

National Youth Development Tournament 2015 starts on July 2nd in MO and July 9th in NC. This Tournament is conducted by NYCL and hosted by MYCA & TCL.

Registration form will be available soon.

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